[service title=”Co-operative house, 1st floor” bg_type=”content_bg” icon_effect=”scale” effect=”fadeIn”]BOMET BRANCH

Tel: 020-220 4000[/service]

[service title=”Uhuru Plaza Kisumu Road, 2nd Floor” bg_type=”content_bg” icon_effect=”scale” effect=”fadeIn”]BUNGOMA BRANCH
Branch Manager: Fredrick Luseno
P. O. Box 1390 -50200
Tel:  0202204520[/service]
[service title=”KVDA Plaza Oloo Street, 3rd Floor” bg_type=”content_bg” icon_effect=”scale” effect=”fadeIn”]ELDORET BRANCH
Manager: John Ruto, 0722-605836
P.O.Box 3811, Eldoret
Tel: 053-2062470 Fax: 053-2062343[/service]
[service title=”2nd floor, Sparko Ltd” bg_type=”content_bg” icon_effect=”scale” effect=”fadeIn”]EMBU BRANCH
Branch Manager: Misheck W. Mwangi, 0722 438 770
Tel: 020-220 4000[/service]
[service title=”KCB Building, 1st Floor” bg_type=”content_bg” icon_effect=”scale” effect=”fadeIn”]KAKAMEGA BRANCH
Manager: Christopher Makanga, 0722 809 945
Tel: 0202204000[/service]
[service title=”KCB Building, 1st Floor” bg_type=”content_bg” icon_effect=”scale” effect=”fadeIn”]KAPSABET BRANCH
Manager: Phlemon Tabut, 0724-669306
P.O. Box 48, Kapsabet
Tel: 020 220 4000[/service]
[service title=”Isan Building, 3rd Floor” bg_type=”content_bg” icon_effect=”scale” effect=”fadeIn”]KERICHO BRANCH
P.O Box 488, Kericho
Tel: 052-20216 Fax: 052-20217[/service]
[service title=”Uhuru Plaza Kisumu Road, 2nd Floor” bg_type=”content_bg” icon_effect=”scale” effect=”fadeIn”]KISII BRANCH
Manager:Japheth Nyarango,0722 77 52 50
P.O Box 1198, Kisii
Tel: 020-2204000[/service]
[service title=”Reinsurance Plaza, Oginga Odinga Street, 5th Floor” bg_type=”content_bg” icon_effect=”scale” effect=”fadeIn”]KISUMU BRANCH
P.O. Box 1192, Kisumu
Tel: 020-220 4000[/service]
[service title=”Victor House, 1st Floor, Posta Rd” bg_type=”content_bg” icon_effect=”scale” effect=”fadeIn”]KITALE BRANCH
Manager: Evans Wanyama, 0726 169 634
P.O. Box 44501, Kitale
Tel: 020 220 4000[/service]
[service title=”Meru Africa Merchant Assurance Co. Ltd” bg_type=”content_bg” icon_effect=”scale” effect=”fadeIn”]MERU BRANCH
P.O. Box 1620-60200, Meru.
Mobile No: 020 220 4000[/service]
[service title=”K N Building, 2nd Floor” bg_type=”content_bg” icon_effect=”scale” effect=”fadeIn”]MIGORI BRANCH
Manager: Annunda Mandere
P.O. Box 1133, Suna Migori
Tel: 059-20816 Fax: 059-20815, 020 2204000

[service title=”Malindi Complex, RM17, Lamu Road” bg_type=”content_bg” icon_effect=”scale” effect=”fadeIn”]MALINDI
Branch Manager: Philiph Mbiti
P.O Box 511-80200 Malindi
Tel: 0728953909[/service][service icon=”fa-umbrella” title=”Cannon Towers, 2nd Floor” bg_type=”content_bg” icon_effect=”scale” effect=”fadeIn”]MOMBASA BRANCH
Branch Manager: Francis O. Odalo
P. O. Box 98237 -80100
+254 722-952253/ +254 202204421/ +254 412316099[/service]
[service]Input content…[/service][service title=”Transnational Plaza, Mama Ngina Street, 2nd Floor” url=”tel:+25420312121″ btn_name=”CALL” bg_type=”content_bg” icon_effect=”scale” effect=”fadeIn”]P.O. Box 61599 – 00200, Nairobi
Tel: 020-312 121[/service][service icon=”fa-umbrella” title=”East Africa Building Society Chambers (EABS), 5th Floor, Tom Mboya Street” url=”tel:+254202204000″ btn_name=”CALL” bg_type=”content_bg” icon_effect=”scale” effect=”fadeIn”]Manager: Philip Nthumbi, 0722945594
P.O. Box 61599 – 00200
Tel : 020 220 4000[/service][service icon=”fa-umbrella” title=”Afya Centre, Mezz 2, Tom Mboya Street” url=”tel:+254202204000″ btn_name=”CALL” bg_type=”content_bg” icon_effect=”scale” effect=”fadeIn”]Manager:Robert Wamwea 0722930556,
P.O. Box 61599-00200 Nairobi
Tel: 020 220 4000[/service][service icon=”fa-umbrella” title=”Sunrise Building 1st Floor” bg_type=”content_bg”]EASTLEIGH BRANCH
Manager: Jackson Mwangi  0721627 207
P.O Box 61599-00100 Nairobi
Tel 020-2204000[/service]
[service title=”Touchline Arcade Ground Floor” bg_type=”content_bg”]NAIVASHA BRANCH
Manager: Mary Mwangi, 0721-599021
Naivasha/Mai Mahiu Road
Next to Co-operative Bank
Tel: 050-2030222 FAX 050-2030221[/service]
[service title=”Mache Plaza” bg_type=”content_bg” icon_effect=”scale” effect=”fadeIn”]NAKURU BRANCH
Manager: Christopher Mwadomu, 0717876527
Kijabe Road, 1st Floor
P O Box 364, Nakuru
Tel: 020 220 4000 Fax: 051-2213629[/service]
[service title=” 1st floor, Maa Towers” url=”tel:+25420312121″ btn_name=”CALL” bg_type=”content_bg” icon_effect=”scale” effect=”fadeIn”]NAROK BRANCH
Manager: Sammy Chirchir, 0733-667893
Narok/Mahiu road
Tel: 0723-827657, 020-2420035[/service]
[service title=”Podo Park Plaza” bg_type=”content_bg” icon_effect=”scale” effect=”fadeIn”]NYAHURURU BRANCH
2nd Floor
P.O Box 90, Nyahururu
Tel: 020 220 4000[/service]
[service title=”Nyeri NDCU Building” bg_type=”content_bg” icon_effect=”scale” effect=”fadeIn”]NYERI BRANCH
Branch Manager: Boniface Njoroge
Gakere Road, Nyeri
P.O Box 61599-00100
Tel: 020-2204000[/service]
[service title=”Thika Arcade, 2nd Floor” bg_type=”content_bg”]THIKA BRANCH
P.O. Box 4265 Thika-Kenya.
Tel. +254 67 21740, 020 2204000
Fax + 254 67 21741[/service]
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